Horribly delicious evil pizza . . . – Nightmare Pizza

Horribly delicious evil pizza . . .

Hi, I’m Jen! I have a lot of garbage out there as the sole proprietor of Ghostkind Creative.

Nightmare Pizza started as a way for me to catalog my list of favorited Halloween and horror websites. I figured that if I liked these sites, surely other people will probably like them, too! Voila! Nightmare Pizza.

The name came to me when I was searching potential domain names and saw the .pizza extension. Then it hit me. My index was like a big ole pizza shop with slices of horror and Halloween site slices on display.

So grab a slice and enjoy!

How do I get my site on Nightmare Pizza?

Well, this site is specifically curated by me, flavored by my own interests. These are sites that I’ve found out there in the wide web of horror. Often, they have gone unrecognized for a long time. You’ll rarely see big-name, commercial horror websites here… Unless I’m really, really jazzed about them.

With that said, if you think you have a website I might like, feel free to holler at me on Twitter @jenthestrange or via e-mail (jen at ghostkind.com).

Please take my site off …

If you see your website listed and feel like it was misrepresented or want to remove it, please reach out to me on Twitter at @jenthestrange or through e-mail (jen at ghostkind.com).

If you’re tasting a slice and it’s expired or the link is incorrect, please let me know as well! I am an imperfect ghost in a human corpse.