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Flavor: dark and spooky

Hashima Island


Virtual walkabout of an abandoned island in Japan. Provides you with information on locations as you virtually traverse the island to spooky music. This is an effective way to terrify and educate!

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Spooked Podcast


A podcast where users tell their real-life paranormal experiences. Spooked is by far my favorite podcast, and it’s the only thing that makes me not want to open my eyes in the dark. It’s beautifully edited, and Glynn Washington’s voice is like butter.

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Pumpkinrot is well-known as a grotesquely beautiful website featuring the handmade Halloween decorations of its webmaster. It has gone silent for a bit of time now, but the haunted creations (so beautifully photographed) will stand the test of time.

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The House of Marrow


A Halloween haunter blog full of homemade, dark decorations crafted by its owner. These works are truly art. The blog itself isn’t updated anymore, sadly, but it’s still a lovely place to visit.

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