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The Dark Piano


Dark, ghostly music composed by Nicolas Gasparini. All of it is so good, and it’s the music I primarily use for Cabins & Killers. He is gracious to allow creators to use his music so long as you credit him.

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The Homicidal Homemaker


Halloween and horror recipes crafted by a wickedly good cook! I swear if there is any horror movie you like, she has a recipe for it. If you really want to wow your guests, follow her on YouTube and start cracking some skulls — er, eggs.

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8-bit Zombie


Retro horror tees and goods. These retro-style graphics are perfect for the 80s horror fan. Designs come and go, so if you see something you like, snatch it up!

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Distortions Unlimited


Halloween prop company owned by Ed and Marsha Edmunds. I’ve loved Distortions ever since their show Making Monsters aired on the Travel Channel. Their props are so popular that there’s a chance you may have seen one of their ghouls in person before.

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The Branded Quotes


Fonts, some of which are delightfully spooky. I fell in love with The Branded Quotes’ handmade fonts, especially the ones with horror-inspired names like CHAPTERS and ANOTHER DANGER and AMERICAN FRIGHTS.

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Behind You


The art of Brian Coldrick. This particular series has you staring at animated artworks, waiting to see the spookiness within the darkest edges of each image. It’s a very cool concept that makes you want to flip to the next panel every time.

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The Fantastic in Art and Fiction


An archived site by the Cornell Institute of Digital Collections featuring historical art of the grotesque, the bizarre, and the obscene. A truly fascinating site to browse while mulling over a hot cider and contemplating your next horror project.

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Pumpkinrot is well-known as a grotesquely beautiful website featuring the handmade Halloween decorations of its webmaster. It has gone silent for a bit of time now, but the haunted creations (so beautifully photographed) will stand the test of time.

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