timesuck – Nightmare Pizza

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App that takes you to your desire. This isn’t just an app that randomly generates a place for you to investigate. Users have been taken to dead bodies, witnessed murders, and discovered bizarre ritual sites. Use with caution.

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Nightmare Machine


A haunted face and building generator. It uses an algorithm based on what science knows that scares us. Good way to create some creepy reference faces!

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Self-reported experiences of drug users. It sounds innocent enough, but the bad trips reported are enough to give you some serious nightmares.

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Monster Movie Title Generator


A site that generates cheesy horror movie titles. I needed some really generic horror terms, and this site did the trick. It’s just fun. I would totally watch The Blood-Devouring Vampires Must Awaken!

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Behind You


The art of Brian Coldrick. This particular series has you staring at animated artworks, waiting to see the spookiness within the darkest edges of each image. It’s a very cool concept that makes you want to flip to the next panel every time.

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