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Art & Design

The Dark Piano

Dark, ghostly music composed by Nicolas Gasparini. All of it is so good, and it’s the music I primarily use for Cabins & Killers. He is gracious to allow creators to use his music so long as you credit him.

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The Homicidal Homemaker

Halloween and horror recipes crafted by a wickedly good cook! I swear if there is any horror movie you like, she has a recipe for it. If you really want to wow your guests, follow her on YouTube and start cracking some skulls — er, eggs.

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The Proper People

Urban exploration but with a haunted atmosphere. The music that accompanies their videos gives these abandoned locations a real feeling of cognitive dissonance, like nightmares out of context.

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The Branded Quotes

Fonts, some of which are delightfully spooky. I fell in love with The Branded Quotes’ handmade fonts, especially the ones with horror-inspired names like CHAPTERS and ANOTHER DANGER and AMERICAN FRIGHTS.

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Urban exploration photography by Tom Kirsch. I have visited Opacity since I was a teenager in the early millennium. There is something about these photos of abandoned sites that just haunts me… And apparently many others.

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Behind You

The art of Brian Coldrick. This particular series has you staring at animated artworks, waiting to see the spookiness within the darkest edges of each image. It’s a very cool concept that makes you want to flip to the next panel every time.

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The Fantastic in Art and Fiction

An archived site by the Cornell Institute of Digital Collections featuring historical art of the grotesque, the bizarre, and the obscene. A truly fascinating site to browse while mulling over a hot cider and contemplating your next horror project.

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