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The Order of the Good Death

Morticians, funeral directors, and other death professionals come together to promote death positivity. Founded by your favorite mortician, Caitlin Doughty.

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The Homicidal Homemaker

Halloween and horror recipes crafted by a wickedly good cook! I swear if there is any horror movie you like, she has a recipe for it. If you really want to wow your guests, follow her on YouTube and start cracking some skulls — er, eggs.

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Halloween Love

A Halloween blog. It’s a collaboration between Halloween and horror writers alike, working together to generate a plethora of content. You could spend a lot of time here reading up on some really creative topics from the most passionate Halloween/horror fans.

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Sludge Central

Previously The Sexy Armpit; straight from New Jersey. Not exclusively Halloween, but you can definitely count on Jay to be on his game when it comes to hunting down seasonal goodness. And you have to watch his annual Halloween specials!

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Spooky Little Halloween

A Halloween blog run by Miranda @spkyhalloween. This website is perfect for anyone who needs to get their spook on. From recipes to recommendations to projects, it is a necessity for the Halloween fanatic all year long.

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Dinosaur Dracula

Every year, Matt turns Dinosaur Dracula into something like an online Halloween party. Those dollar store decorations you never thought of buying? Matt will find a reason for you. Seasonal candies and foods, candles that smell like a hayride, and Halloween cassette tapes. Enough said.

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