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Liminal Earth


Google map for strange occurrences. Users map their unusual experiences. Take a look and see if there’s anything in your area!

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App that takes you to your desire. This isn’t just an app that randomly generates a place for you to investigate. Users have been taken to dead bodies, witnessed murders, and discovered bizarre ritual sites. Use with caution.

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Hashima Island


Virtual walkabout of an abandoned island in Japan. Provides you with information on locations as you virtually traverse the island to spooky music. This is an effective way to terrify and educate!

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Treat Town


Virtual trick-r-treating. In a bizarre effort to keep Halloween 2020 safe, Mars has established an app for virtual trick-r-treating. Strange as it is, it might be something worth looking into! Credits can redeem real candy.

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Spooked Podcast


A podcast where users tell their real-life paranormal experiences. Spooked is by far my favorite podcast, and it’s the only thing that makes me not want to open my eyes in the dark. It’s beautifully edited, and Glynn Washington’s voice is like butter.

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Nightmare on Elm Street Companion


NOES site that covers a bunch of information on the film series. I miss the days of big horror movie fan sites and such. This place definitely gives you that feeling.

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Nightmare Machine


A haunted face and building generator. It uses an algorithm based on what science knows that scares us. Good way to create some creepy reference faces!

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Self-reported experiences of drug users. It sounds innocent enough, but the bad trips reported are enough to give you some serious nightmares.

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Monster Movie Title Generator


A site that generates cheesy horror movie titles. I needed some really generic horror terms, and this site did the trick. It’s just fun. I would totally watch The Blood-Devouring Vampires Must Awaken!

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I discovered Frightgeist by accident while trying out new domain names. It’s run by Google and measures statistics on trending and potentially trending Halloween costumes. How cool!

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